This is a recipe collection full of tasty, wholesome vegetarian recipes. 

Savoury Breakfasts/Brunch

vegetarian brunch recipes

Baked Eggs w/ Sourdough Soldiers and pesto
Homemade baked beans 

Breakfast Tacos w/ Scrambled Eggs
Zucchini waffles with cherry tomato salsa and dill yoghurt
Haloumi and grilled corn tacos

Sweet Potato Rosti w/ fried egg and greens 
Avocado Pancake Recipe w/ rocket, sour cream and fried egg
The ultimate hangover curing brunch
Egyptian Spiced Chickpeas
Savoury Parmesan French Toast
Mash Potato and Chive waffles
Vegetarian Croque Madame Sandwich

Small and light savoury bites
vegetarian savoury snacks

Oven baked Potato Fries w/ herbed sea salt
Baked Vegetarian Kofta Balls w/ tomato sugo
Asparagus and Egg Galette w/ Dill Cherve
Polenta fries w/ paprika dijonaise
Mexe Veggie Lettuce Cups (vegan)
Corn and lentil tacos with crunchy slaw
Homemade Labneh (Middle Eastern Cheese)
Autumn roast veg mini frittata
Grilled Mexican Street Corn with paprika
Kale and Quinoa patties + salad
Haloumi and corn tacos
Vegetarian Poutine (Chips, Gravy and Mozzarella curds)
Vegetarian Croque Madame Sandwich

Crumbed Asaparagus w/ rocket and lemon
Sweet and Salty Roast dutch carrots
Salt and vinegar potatoes
Vegetarian stuffing balls
Red Lentil Cheesey Quesadillas with pesto yoghurt sauce

vegetarian salad recipes

Pasta, Risotto and Bakes 
vegetarian lentil bolognese


vegetarian pizza recipes


Soups, Curries and Stews 
vegetarian yellow lentil dahl
Vegetarian Chili Con Veg
Vegan chili lime crispy tofu and udon noodle soup
Tomato and coconut lentil curry
Yellow lentil dahl
Pumpkin, coconut curry soup 
Spicy Laksa Soup w/ Chinese Greens
Spinach and mushroom Wonton soup*

Stirfrys, Noodles and Rice
chili tofu udon noodle soup

Chili lime tofu and udon noodle soup 
Homemade Pot Noodles

Paneer Biryani (Indian rice dish)
Vegetarian brown fried rice

Sticky Eggplant and Chinese greens w/hokkien noodles
Sesame Soba Noodles w/ Ginger, broccolini and kale
Pad See Ew w/ kale and mushroom

Baking & Sweet Stuff
vanilla chocolate tahini cupcakes

Chocolate Tahini Vanilla Cupcakes
Sour Cherry and Coconut frozen yoghurt

Pretzel, Oreo Peanut butter slice
Life Changing Loaf (paleo nut and seed loaf – GF/DF)
Skinny raspberry cheesecake slice
Wholemeal Gingerbread Men 
Cinnamon scrolls with an espresso glaze
Dark Chocolate Ganache and Strawberry tarts
Chocolate Tahini Vanilla Cupcakes
Homemade soft pretzels
Raspberry Semifreddo
Carrot Cake cupcakes
Coconut and raspberry loaf
Zucchini Bread Loaf 
Homemade Blueberry Pie
Healthy Protein Power Balls
Bircher Muesli w/shredded coconut and berries
Coconut and Cranberry waffles 
Rose and Pistachio granola with dried cherries

Savoury bites
vegetarian bean carbless tacos

Mexe Veggie Cups
Sweet Potato Rosti w/ greens and fried egg
Rainbow Veggie Bowl

Vegetarian Paneer Biryani
Asparagus and Egg Galette w/ Dill Cherve
Mexe Veggie Cups
Avocado, eggs, kale and sprouts on rye
Creamy polenta with garlicky mushrooms
Corn and Lentil tacos with crunchy slaw
Baked Vegetarian Kofta Balls w/ tomato sugo
Salt and vinegar potatoes
Vegetarian stuffing balls
Microwave baked potato


Breads, loafs and bakey-bites
homemade soft pretzels 

Chili and Lime oven roasted nuts
Zucchini and cheese loaf
Roast Tomato Puff Pastry Bites
Nut and seed life-changing loaf
Coconut and raspberry loaf
Homemade soft pretzels
Healthy Date Power Balls

How to stock a pantry:

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