The last blog post I will write.


On ending this blog.

This is the last blog post you’ll see written on Dancing Through Sunday, and I am happy to be writing it. You may have noticed a lack of posting around here, lots of people have. I have given all the time and energy I have to Dancing Through Sunday and in the last year, with big life changes and new ideas I have not given this site the attention or time it deserves. It makes me feel sad and bad and yuck when I think about it. To clear up head space, I’m formally saying goodbye to updating DTS.

There is an importance to killing ideas and actively choosing to stop doing something to free up space for the new. A wise woman once said when you say no to something you say yes to yourself (Zoe Foster Blake – Queen). I’m excited for the next thing I am as passionate about as I was about Dancing Through Sunday for the better part of 4 years.

The recipes will be kept as an online collection as I could never deny my friend Andrew of my lentil bolognaise recipe, or Paige of the yellow lentil dahl.

On starting something that changed my life.

Thinking back to hitting that ‘publish’ button at a kitchen table in December 2013, knowing how little I knew about writing, food, photography, social media, marketing or building an online community makes me smile and my heart feel warm.

It was the first time I wanted to do something and jumped right in. I put my imperfect, badly coded, non-responsive, terribly photographed self out there.

Publishing and editing Dancing Through Sunday was the first step in starting a career that I love. Before starting DTS I used to dread going into work, hated my job and felt unfulfilled and directionless. Since starting Dancing Through Sunday and the subsequent job it allowed me to get, I have only woken up twice in the last four years and not wanted to go into work. I’ll take that. It’s safe to say this blog changed my life. 

This all came from an idea, publishing something imperfect and learning as I went. It also came with sacrifice. Working a full time job and blogging full time meant I sacrificed around 2 years of time with my friends. My friends were at the pub, and I was blogging at home on the weekend and after work.

I swapped Friday nights swilling wine and laughing to Friday nights swilling wine and trying to write code (badly and slowly). I still saw them, but infrequently and as one dear friend said ‘always on a time budget’.  All my free time was spent at blogging events, tasting spring rolls or mini burgers at the newest *insert venue here* instead of with my friends.

Although my friends, partner and family were wholly supportive (HECKING THANK YOU ALL <3) I couldn’t give that time with them up any more. So I stopped going to blogging events. I spent more time with friends, which made me infinitely happier than fighting off other bloggers for the last tofu rice paper roll at a launch party (and trying to figure out hosting/CSS/cleaning up millions of dishes).

But starting this blog taught me with consistent hard work, passion, commitment and having a red hot go you can make something out of nothing. If you have an idea, or want to try something, do it now. Just start and keep at it.

On meeting new people.

Hi, you’re amazing and you know who you are. I never thought I would make real life, wonderful relationships with actual humans out of starting an internet thing. Camilla, Brodie, Gillian, Marty, Ricky, Pranav, Sandi, Jo, Nicole, Sarah, Lauren, Rob and more – thanks for being the people I can unashamedly take food porn shots of stone cold food with. 

On foooood.

Since 2013 I have written 170 recipes and reviewed 36 amazing Melbourne eateries.  That’s a lot of delicious food. I still love cooking for myself and friends. I still love going out for brunch and cheese. I will still be enjoying lots of food, just not so concerned about letting it go cold to ‘get the perfect shot’. I’ll be keeping my Instagram account going so my friends don’t get sick of my eggs on toast pictures. You can follow it here.

On what’s next.

I have a full time job I love at ME Bank, a social media consulting side gig – Social Thought ,  exploring writing about things other than food over at Quarter, volunteering as the social media and digital marketing lead at TEDxMelbourne, so lots of exciting stuff  happening (and time online).  I’m looking to try and relax and take care of myself, explore meditation and do less thing better. I’m really looking forward to what comes next but for now, I don’t know – which is exciting.

On you.

Thank you for reading, sharing and cooking. This wouldn’t have been the amazing community it was without your #drool comments and hearing about how you made a recipe from here. My favourite thing about this blog was receiving photos of my recipes readers had cooked. Hands down.

Food is an experience that connects us with those around us so never stop cooking with and for the people you love. 

x b

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  1. My best wishes. Take care.

  2. Bec congrats on this brave post! And to 4 wonderful years of blogging! ❀️ I sure can relate to the time suck that is blogging and the sacrifices that come with blogging and working full time. Sounds like you have so much exciting stuff on the horizon – wish you all the best!! X

  3. Sad, but if you’re at peace with your new phase, then so be it. Best of luck!

    1. Yes it is sad but I’m excited for what’s next. Thanks for reading Alison xxx

  4. Oh I’ve missed you and will continue to do so but so pleased that by saying no to the blog, you’re able to say yes to the things that are really important to you. Good luck!

    1. And you Sammie! I’ll still be around in blog land reading all the others. Thanks for being a blog buddy xx

  5. I’ll be sad not to see your updates and fantastic photos! Hayley x

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