Things to do in Tasmania – Part 1

Pumphouse Point Tasmania | Dancing Through Sunday

I must admit…Tasmania was never on my ‘to travel‘ list until I became obsessed with food. It very quickly sky rocketed to the top when local food producers became well known names and I’d rather spend my hard earned money on a nice brie, seafood & wine as opposed to a new dress.

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Jackson and I had a 4 day weekend away in Tasmania and I had high hopes for beautiful scenery, rich history & tasty food. I found just that. Here’s a photo journey of my time in Tasmania, broken up into Part 1 – things to do in Tasmania and Part 2 – Things to eat in Tasmania (coming soon). I spent time in Hobart with one day trip and went to Lake St Clair, in the Cradle Mountain National Park.


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  • Mona. Take the ferry there, it’s an experience in its self. Go for a walk around the grounds afterwards, through the vineyards & find the bone church. Enjoy some wine and Bruny Island cheese at the wine bar whilst you wait for your ferry back to Hobart.

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  • Fish and chips in the docks. Franklin Wharf in Hobart is home to many floating Fish & Chip shop/boats that serve fish and chips using the freshest seafood caught daily. We sat with our legs dangling over the pier and ate fish & chips surrounded by squawking seagulls. It was lovely.

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  • A day trip to Richmond to see the Richmond Bridge. It’s a historic town settled in 1832 and home to the oldest bridge still in use in Australia, built by convicts. Richmond boasts Antique shops, markets and a stellar bakery. If bridges are you thing, you can also visit Spikey Bridge which I didn’t get to but my friend assured me it’s riveting (there’s a guy there who makes the best peanut butter too but it’s available at the Farmgate Markets).

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  • Port Arthur Historical Site is fascinating, eery and plays a large role in Australia’s founding history. The surroundings are beautiful, with vast mountains and winding bays. I was surprised at the natural beauty… I didn’t know what to expect. I was too chicken for a night time ghost tour, so the day (fully lit) tour did us just fine. We spent about 3 hours there and it’s 93 kms from Hobart. We went from Hobart -> Richmond -> Port Arthur in one day.

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  • We stayed a night at the Pumphouse Point in the Cradle Mountain national park. Wow, is all I can seriously say. I could have stayed a month. If you are planning a trip and want to have a few nights re-connecting and relaxing in a serene national park in the middle of no-where – this is your spot. It’s a newly renovated boutique hotel in an old Pumphouse circa 1940 on an old lake that used to be a glacier. Yep. Each room has a larder full of local charcuterie, cheeses & preserves. They offer a shared dinner option and a breakfast buffet.
  • We rode mountain bikes and had sparking wine whilst watching the sun set over Australia’s deepest lake and enjoyed the silence and cool clean air. It was erringly beautiful.  The drive was 2hr 30m with a few quaint towns to stop at on the way. Also, the salad sandwiches at Derwents Bridge Cafe stop were ace. 

Hobart - Dancing Through Sunday-30Dancing Through Sunday - Pumphouse Point - Tasmania   Hobart - Tasmania - Dancing Through Sunday - Pumphouse Point Hobart - Pumphouse Point - Dancing Through Sunday  Hobart - Dancing Through Sunday - Bec Thexton      

We also did an obligatory visit to the Salamanca Markets, Farmgate Markets, went for a big morning walk around Historic Battery Point and visited the all you can eat Pizza Hut Buffet in New Town. There’s more food adventures over here! For Things to Eat in Tasmania, visit part 2 of this Tasmania series coming very soon. 

What’s one of your favourite things to do in Tasmania? Bec x

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  2. Ohh I miss Tasmania! My boyfriend and I lived there for 3 1/2 years and absolutely loved it, it’s a very special place. I’m envious of your trip – I will have to go back some time soon.

    1. Oh wow what a great amount of time to spend there πŸ™‚ Indeed, I want to go back!

  3. We fell in love with Hobart and l think we left our hearts there. We also loved the Brewery and the Cascades Female Factory. The markets were ace and the ferry to MONA was a highlight. I can’t wait to go back to Tassie, there’s so much more to see! Fabulous pics – I can’t wait for your food pics!

    1. I did the same! I must go back and I’ll pop into the Brewery and check it out!

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