12 minute baked potato & a microwave to giveaway!

Microwave baked potato | Dancing Through Sunday

This post was in collaboration with Breville and Marmot Inc however all opinions are entirely my own. The Microwave to giveaway was donated by Breville. Enter below. 

I do enjoy spending hours in the kitchen crafting up weird and wonderful recipes, but it’s not often I have a few hours spare just to cook. I’m sure you are much the same.

I am a fan of quick and easy meals without sacrificing on nutrition or flavour, so when I heard about microwave baked potatoes I knew this had to be added to the quick-but-still-healthy-and-delicious repertoire of meals I keep in the back of my mental recipe filing cabinet – do you have one of those? 

Microwave baked potato | Dancing Through Sunday

I opted for a healthier version of the typically indulgent baked potato and swapped out the calorie dense sour cream for a lighter cottage cheese. I was very reserved on the cheese, only adding a tiny bit because honestly.. what is a baked potato without cheese? A nice dose of spring onions were included to pack a punch and some crunchy buttery salty pan fried corn filled the soft fluffy potato. 

Microwave baked potato | Dancing Through Sunday

I was gifted the Breville Quick Touch Crisp Microwave to test it out and was happily surprised at all the functionality’s available. This microwave knows the right power level and time to suit different foods, and switches to grill when it’s needed. Coming with a crisper pan (which I used to bake my potatoes) the grill function on the top of the microwave can fulfil the ultimate pie lovers dream or save left over pizza from being soggy. It’s an angel in microwave form. 

Microwave baked potato | Dancing Through Sunday

The Microwave has a bunch of pre-set buttons for re-heating or cooking what I’d call ‘typical microwavable foods’ such as Pizza, chocolate, butter, potatoes, baked beans and re-heating that cup of tea you forgot about and let get cold. 

For me, this is a dream. Jackson was always the master of the Microwave because my food always came out either piping hot and soggy or hot on the outside and cold on the inside. Now, with a click of a button this smart thing does it all for me. 

Microwave baked potato | Dancing Through Sunday

I simply selected the ‘baked potato’ button, entered in ‘2’ and hit start. The potatoes took 12 minutes in the microwave which was the perfect amount of time for me to grill my corn and roughly chop my cabbage and shallots. The potatoes were then quartered, slathered with butter, stuffed and sprinkled in corn and cheese to go back in for ‘A Bit More” (a 30 second quick touch button that’s perfect for that extra zap) and the cheese was melting right into the potato. Topped with a generous dollop of cottage cheese, spring onion and black pepper this was one fine way to eat a potato. Delicious! 

Microwave baked potato | Dancing Through Sunday

For a 12 minute meal this is pretty darn impressive, and compared to oven baking it takes half the time. That’s only one function. The Microwave crisps things, dries herbs, roasts nuts and you can even check out Jason from the Simple Cooking Channel (YouTube Crush) cooking brownies in the crisper tray in this video below: 

The Breville Quick Touch Crisp Microwave is Breville’s latest magical appliance and has definitely earned it’s keep in the Dancing Through Sunday kitchen. To take a look at all the functions and amazing recipes you can cook in the microwave, click here

Reader, today is you’re lucky day. Breville has so kindly given me  one of the Quick Touch Crisp Microwave [RRP $499.95]  to give away, so you can experience all the cripsy crunchy pizza crusts, cheese toasties and microwave brownies your heart desires.

To enter:
-Simply share this post on social media and
-Leave a comment below letting me know what you would cook in the Microwave! Competition closed.
Congratulations Lauren



Are you the king of your microwave or could some pre-set timers help you? What’s your favourite go to meal to cook in the microwave?

Have a wonderful day, Bec x

Terms and Conditions:

Competition Closed The prize is a Breville Quick Touch Crisp Microwave which will be sent to the winner once address details have been provided to DTS after the competition has closed, on September 28/09 11.59PM. Prize is not redeemable for cash and is non-Β­transferable. Prize is valued at $449.95. The competition is open to Australian residents only. The Promoter is not responsible for prizes once they have been dispatched to the winner. Competiton Closed

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  1. This is a fantastic reminder of a super easy recipe, my boys would love it (and so will I – less time in the kitchen…)x

  2. Jennifer B. says:

    Summer’s coming! I’d like to try a new idea I saw recently… STRAWBERRY JAM in the Breville microwave.
    Using one punnet at a time means I can snaffle up those discounted punnets for easy bottles of natural deliciousness!

  3. I’d cook my speciality – breakfast custard (aka scrambled eggs)

  4. Oh Bec, I am completely blown away by this microwave. I come from a long line of devoted microwave cooks but my, haven’t they come a very long way. I can’t believe it crisps!
    I want to try ALL the things but I think perhaps my big one would be to give polenta chips a try. I just am not getting the magic from my oven but I reckon the Breville could do it πŸ™‚

  5. Heat up a gooey custard filled doughnut from Doughnut time allowing doughnutty goodness to come to life with warm, heavenly custard oozing out of it.

  6. Veronica says:

    I would cook vegetables in the microwave, along with gravies and sauces. Also want to get back to cooking cakes in the microwave, so much quicker than my oven that is just about worn out.

  7. fiona mckenzie says:

    Pizza, reheated to crispy perfection for breakfast!

  8. You had me at 12 minute baked potato, this I simply have to try!

  9. Phill Gilchrist says:

    Macaroni cheese or cauliflower cheese yum!

    1. Oh yum!!!! Yes please

  10. Elizabeth White says:

    The possibilities are endless! I’ve just started cooking for myself, having just moved out of home, so I’m trying all new and different recipes. I do not currently own a microwave, so this would be perfect as a struggling minimum wage childcare worker who just bought her first place.

  11. Well i thought i would be nice and cook my sister in law a caramel slice and when melting the butter the microwave caught fire so the first thing i would cook would to melt the chocolate to finish the slice off

  12. A Roast Chicken to surpass any other!!

  13. I shared on twitter at

    Our kids eat a lot of corn dogs, chocken nuggets and fish sticks. The problem is that we have to run the oven for 20 minutes to cook them I would be interested to see if this microwave can give those items the crispy crust that you generally only get from baking.

  14. Currently preparing the kitchen of my dreams, this would be perfect.

  15. It is said that real men don’t eat quiche. I say, real men can cook a mean quiche (and perhaps eat it too). With the Breville Quick Touch crisp microwave I reckon I could give my wife a run for her money in the quiche stakes.

    1. Haha,love it! Quiche wars

  16. Allison says:

    Pretzel Oreo peanut slice
    Sounds amazing and the thought it makes my mouth water
    (Shared on Facebook)

  17. Would love to try some of those microwave mug cakes that my friends all rave about. Unfortunately my brother in law set fire to our microwave today whilst trying to prep a caramel slice. I shall have to show him the real way to cook things.

  18. You had me at potato!
    I do potatoes in mine too, my 14yr old microwave. I finish them off in the oven to get crispy. But the versitility of a baked spud is just all kinds of awesome.
    My potato loving heart loves you for sharing! xx

  19. Helga Grenkowitz says:

    Shared on Twitter; I don’t have Instagram. I love to bake crusty pizza in the microwave; but I would love to try baking a cake in it as well.

  20. Sarah T says:

    my husband loves a Nutella mug cake that I make in the microwave. One minute to cakey goodness!

  21. Would definitely used this microwave to make my favourite speedy poached egg breakfast in the mornings!

  22. Shared on twitter! Would defs use this microwave to make a variety of mug cakes. If ever there was proof that miracles exist, it is that you can bake a delicious cake in the microwave in under 5 mins.

  23. Matt Harrison says:

    This would be used daily in our house, for porridge, steamed vegetables, and poached eggs… please o’please pick me… I’d give it a loving home for sure!

  24. That is some nifty microwave!

    I’d cook a yummy Creole fish dish with tomato salsa, which I’d serve on yellow rice with a cucumber salad and a glass of wine.

  25. Micaela C says:

    What a delicious giveaway! Breville is my favourite appliance brand, so this would be amazing!
    Hubby and I are addicted to making microwave cake-in-a-mug, it’s our go-to weekday dessert, and it’s sugar-free so not too unhealthy πŸ˜‰ I think this microwave would give them a nicer texture than our current microwave!

  26. Wow, looks fantastic. I could really do with a decent microwave with hubby away so often and being time poor with three girls. I might need to try this dish tonight.

  27. Jade O says:

    I was addicted to mug cakes during the cold winter months, not a night went by without me cooking one. From chocolate to strawberry and peanut butter, it gave me my daily sweet fix. Now some smartie has added a grill and I’m going to be in crispy heaven. Hot, fresh, roasted nuts on my hot mug cake! There goes the diet!!!

  28. Janet martin says:

    Would love to cook a quiche or falan in the microwave without the pastry going soggy

  29. Natalie Wright says:

    Wow getting excited about the possibilities of crisping food in the microwave with this Breville. The possibilities are endless with the Breville Quick Touch Crisp Microwave including pizzas, pies, lasagne and jacket potatoes and all the flavours. This appliance sounds revolutionary.

  30. Benjamin Travia says:

    The one and only thing I learned how to cook in year 8: jacket potato. My range of dishes has not expanded significantly since then. (Shared on facebook)

    1. It’s a pretty delicious staple! Good on you!

  31. Karyn Munro _ Little Opinions says:

    I must have the wrong microwave mine is definitely not this fancy. I would love to make pizza, its a great meal the kids always like to help make and especially like to eat.

  32. I’m not going to lie, I love cooking, but rarely use my microwave for anything other than my morning oats, reheating leftovers, or the occasional bag of popcorn for the kids.

    I am intrigued, you’re telling me there’s another way to make my meals? That Breville Quick Touch Crisp makes me wanna do inappropriate things to the idea of an easier dinner … how exciting!

  33. Wow who knew a microwave could do all that! Mine is about 12 years old and I only know how to defrost or reheat! Thanks so much for linking up your yummy recipe to YWF too. x

  34. I would try some of those “cake in a mug” recipes out. Also – a baked sweet potato filled with mexican beans, cheese and salsa. Or sweet potato chips! Yum.

  35. Your baked potatoes look awesome! I think I would follow your lead, but instead do baked sweet potatoes with a yogurt-mint sauce to make them a tiny bit healthier! Add some tomato salsa and some fresh herbs and it would be delicious!!

  36. I think I’d have to try a pie! A home made microwaveable pie is just the stuff kitchen dreams are made of! I heard that this microwave also has a chocolate melting function! Gee, you have to love a machine that can do that! Just for the record, cottage cheese has made a huge comeback at our house, I’d forgotten how good it tastes! My fondest memories of my nana, are of her eating baked potatoes with cottage cheese mixed with tropical fruit cocktail! It sounds gross but it totally floated nana’s boat!

  37. Michelle V says:

    My parents’ microwave is old enough to vote, and that’s not even a joke. I’ve lost track of the amount of times mum has said she would love a new microwave but being on a disability pension doesn’t really allow for splurges on fancy appliances.
    Their 49th wedding anniversary is coming up on October 22nd, and this would make the most wonderful gift!
    The first thing mum would make in it would probably be some lovely poached cinnamon pears for her and dad (but no cream, as dad has recently undergone major open heart surgery and has made drastic lifestyle changes).
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  38. With 4 little ones, hubby & I are constantly having to reheat our own meals or cook quick n easy meals so this Breville microwave would be a dreeeam come true! I’m also a huge lover of roast potatoes/jacket potatoes as well as omelettes & grilled salmon – sounds like this microwave would be a perfect, & very welcome, addition to our household! πŸ™‚

    1. Congratulations Lauren you’ve won the Microwave!!!!!

  39. I think it would be super handy for drying nuts out!! My kids love them when they’re crispy. πŸ™‚

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