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Fettuccine Pesto and vegetables

simple fettuccini pesto

I leave to Europe today for 3 weeks driving through the south of France and the Italian coast, so although I’m only a few days away from the home of pasta I was craving an Italian style dish.  Pesto pasta for dinner it was!

fettuchini pesto recipe vegetarian

I’m a pasta lover and when possible I buy fresh pasta. It is much tastier and only takes 2-3 minutes to cook. I was feeling particularly lazy one night so I bought some fresh pasta, mixed in some leftover pesto from the markets and fried up whatever vegetables were in the fridge.

That just so happened to be broccoli, zucchini and 3 cherry tomatoes. Don’t let the pictures fool you – this is an easy recipe. What are your favourite ingredients to cook with pasta?

fettuchini pesto recipe vegetarian

With some fresh basil, a crumble of feta cheese and a squeeze of lemon, this healthy and fresh meal comes to life.

Jackson and I took some to work for lunch the next day (of course!). When it’s just the two of us that I’m cooking for we always end up with some left overs. I’m not mad about that, my days at work are always much more bearable when I know I have a delicious home cooked meal ready for lunch.

Ingredients: 250gm fresh pasta, 1 zucchini, 1 broccoli, cherry tomatoes, 5 tbsp pesto, onion, 1 clove of garlic, olive oil, feta cheese and lemon to garnish


  1. Finely chop onion, garlic and vegetables. In a frypan, heat olive oil and over a medium heat fry the onion and garlic for 3-4 minutes or until fragrant.
  2. Add the broccoli, zucchini and cherry tomatoes and cook for 3-4 minutes further. Whilst vegetables are cooking, bring a pot of salted water to the boil and cook pasta 
  3. Please note: fresh pasta only takes 2-3 minutes to cook so if you are using it, don’t start cooking it until the sauce is pretty much ready to go. 
  4. When the vegetables and pasta are both cooked, drain your pasta and mix with the vegetables. Stir pesto through the pasta and serve immediately.
  5. Garnish with fresh basil, feta cheese, a drizzle of olive oil and and a squeeze of lemon

It was deliciously fresh with the lemon and pesto adding a nice zing to the meal. I’m super tired as I am going away today and have been very busy organizing that amongst having my brother and sister visiting me! I’m going to leave it here, before I start making no sense.

What is another delicious pasta recipes you think I would like? And what’s something that’s keeping YOU busy this week?

Bec x

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  1. Oh how delicious – it workes best with fresh pasta and pesto so you made the right choice! Thanks Phoebe x

  2. Today we went to our local farmers market and bought some fresh pasta and pesto for this. Used up some left over vegetables and was absolutely delicious 🙂

  3. I’m the same – fettuccine gets me! With some lemon and basil this is close to my perfect meal.

  4. Thank you! It was so easy! This one is all about the condiments ! x

  5. Amazing. This looks so, SO unbelievably good!

  6. This is possibly my favorite pasta recipe. I am a fettuccine lover. With all these veggies, the dish looks a rather complete meal. Yum!

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