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Welcome! I’m Bec! 

I live in Melbourne. I’m obsessed with breakfast foods. I love to cook for people I care about. I have a business mind but creative heart.

Welcome to Dancing Through Sunday, my attempt at combining all those things into one. 

Dancing Through Sunday is about enjoying the little things in life, like a Sunday brunch.

Whilst reading Dancing Through Sunday you will find delicious healthy meals to inspire you to cook healthy, delicious real food. 

If you’re looking to start somewhere, click me!

Bits and Pieces:

  • My wardrobe is black, navy, spots, stripes and a splash of white.
  • I work in a Bank and have spent most of my life in the finance industry. Blogging is my little creative outlet.
  • I am a vegetarian. I Have been for about 3 1/2 years, feel free to ask me if you have any questions about my choice.

The rest of it you’ll find out along the way.

Why a blog? 

I’ll set the scene.. Mid 2013 my boyfriend and I packed up our little Melbourne houses into a storage container, got a loan and had the pleasure of living out of a backpack for 5 months and seeing the beautiful world we all share. It was an amazing experience – you will find snippits of our travels here and there.

Our favourite places were France, Italy, Hungary, Scotland, Belgium, Spain and a few others.. I could go on! We have a severe case of wanderlust. 

Whilst overseas I was inspired by the food I ate, the coffee I drank and fell in love with life. My main focus was to come home and create a happy, healthy life whilst (trying) to pay off my debt. 

DTS is a for profit blog, so if you’re interested in working with me to grow your business, jump on over to my contact page and lets get started! 

The social stuff: here – SAY HELLO!

x Rebecca

After Climbing Budapest Mountain, Hungary. A moment never forgotten 

(6) Comments

  1. Not at all! One of my favourite things. Thank you Emily Grace, off to check out yours now!

  2. Is there anything more enjoyable than Sunday Brunch? Lovely blog. 🙂
    Emily Grace

  3. Just found your blog, and I really like it!
    So inspiring 🙂

  4. Thanks Ladies 🙂

  5. Enjoying your blog a lot! Those recipes all look so delicious, laksa on the menu tomorrow! X

  6. I love your backstory, Rebecca and I’m a vegetarian too! I am truly enjoying your creative food recipes, your lifestyle photographs, and your take on life. Very refreshing!
    Love and Luck,
    Laurali Star

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