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Dancing Through Sunday is a food blog that focuses on eating the right food to nourish a happy and healthy life. I focus on sharing inspirational recipes that make your belly rumble. I enjoy styling the food almost as much as eating it.. hey I said almost

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  1. Melyssa Dickow says:


    My name is Melyssa and I work with Dr. Kellyann. You may have heard of her from her appearances on the Dr. Oz show and as the author of Living Paleo for Dummies.

    I am reaching out to select bloggers like yourself, who share the same audience as Dr. Kellyann, to let you know about her new book titled “Bone Broth Diet”. Our big push is for the month of January.

    We’d love for you to take a look at the book (I can send you a free copy) and if you’re willing, do a review of it.

    Here’s the cool part: we have upcoming articles in Huffington Post and similar name brand publications. We’ll be quoting reviewers in them, which means there’s a chance your review will be quoted and linked to on those articles.

    Also, Dr. Kellyann has over 100,000 Facebook fans and 30,000 Twitter followers. If you are willing to post up a review we’d be happy to blast it out to our followers also.

    Please let me know what you think and if this is something you’d be interested in doing.


    Melyssa Dickow
    Social Media Assistant

  2. Neredith says:

    Hi Bec

    I look after the PR for Victorian Strawberries and was wondering if you are still interested in food and recipes for your blog/social media pages.

    I am heading out to the Yarra Valley tomorrow morning to grab some frozen berries that the farmers have picked and frozen themselves.

    Would you be interested in a few FREE kilos of them for making jam, chutney etc for the winter season.

    While our season comes to an end around May, we are keen for you to enjoy Victorian Strawberries all year round, and thought this was a great way.

    I can also supply some mason jars, recipes etc to make your own home made goodies with our berries?

    If you are interested, let me know, and I can drop them off to you tomorrow (straight from the farm).

    Neredith Comrie
    Market Maker PR
    0412 582 187

    1. Hi Neredith,

      That would be lovely. I have messaged you on Facebook 🙂

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