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Sunday Brunch Out and About Sundays Brunch

Sunday Brunch 7.0 – Rustica Sourdough

April 26, 2015

I could never give up bread. I’m sorry but fresh, thick, crusty bread is a must have when going out for brunch. When paired with a savoury breakfast, you have one happy gal. I had been swooning/creeping Heidi’s homemade sourdough loving household for a while and having severe cravings for sourdough bread as the weather turns and we turn to comfort. 

When I was invited to try the breakfast at Rustica Sourdough.. well I don’t need to tell you my response, do I? The word sourdough is in the name guys!!! I must go. 

Rustica Sourdough and Bakery-7

Rustica Sourdough is on Brunswick St in Fitzroy, a brunch hot spot. There are so many choices I almost find it intimidating and end up going to the same old place time and time again.  Although I love my ole faithful cafe’s, if I didn’t try new things I would have never eaten at Rustica Sourdough and I would be 4 pieces of crusty multigrain sourdough less plus a wonderful meal and some pastries to take home. 

Jackson and I arrived bright and early on a Saturday morning, the air still crisp and a hankering for a hot coffee in tow. We walked from our house which was a nice, brisk 30 minute walk which may or mat not have been a tactical decision on my behalf to ensure our brunching appetites were in full swing. 

Rustica Sourdough and Bakery-2

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Sunday Brunch 6.0 – The Kettle Black

I went to The Kettle Black cafe in South Melb and so should you! An all round 10/10 experience of taste and happy vibes.

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