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Sunday Brunch at home – Vegetarian Scotch Eggs

August 8, 2016

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Sunday brunch.. or brunch on any day for that matter. I do enjoy brunching out but sometimes the food can be disappointing/expensive, the queues too long and you get rushed out before you could order a second mimosa coffee. Welcome to another Sunday Brunch recipe, made at home for you to enjoy. 

You know when you see something once, take notice and then suddenly it’s everywhere you look. This recently happened to me with scotch eggs. Blessed, I know. I’ve never had a scotch egg before and it seemed the universe was trying to tell me something. I awoke Saturday morning with a very clear mission: make vegetarian scotch eggs.

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gluten free avocado pancakes
Breakfasts Sunday Brunch at home Vegetarian

Avocado Pancake Stack

Avocado Pancake stack w/ rocket, sour cream, parmesan, herbs and topped with a fried egg. I made this at home instead of going out for brunch where there are no queues and I can have a second mimosa. Score!Sweet Potato Rostis w/ fried egg and greens - nutritious, delicious, cheap, cheery and colourful. This is my new go to breakfast!

September 5, 2014