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Falafel Lunch Wraps with Harvarti and homemade tzatziki

March 1, 2017

This post is in collaboration with the Health Star Rating system

I used to really struggle with judging how ‘healthy’ food was when doing my big food shop for the week. Sure – fresh fruit and veggies is a no brainer but as I started venturing into the middle aisles of the supermarket I  found myself becoming more unsure of what to buy to make sure I got home with everything I needed to have healthy, wholesome meals. 

I started looking into how to read the back of the packets – learning what to look out for and what to avoid (goodbye 36gms of sugar per 100gm serve!) but when in a rush, I sometimes made bad decisions and would end up with work lunches that were white pasta bake with a creamy white sauce. Delicious? Yes. A really great lunch option for your mid week lunch? Not really. Cue sluggish 3pm drop in energy and focus at work. 

Falafel and Havarti barley wraps with beetroot relish and homemade tzatziki | Health Star Rating | Dancing Through Sunday Blog Continue Reading

raspberry semifreddo
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Raspberry Semifreddo

Melbourne has started doing that thing where it stays really hot for days on end... I think it's called Summer? Anyway... this raspberry semifreddo will keep your summer nights tasty and cool.

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