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Vegetarian black bean enchiladas

March 7, 2017

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Enchiladas… is there a better word? Honestly, I am not sure. Enchiladas were one of the first things I used to cook when I moved out of home, and they felt so ~gourmet~ back then. Upon reflection they were just chicken, cheese, salsa and tortillas with a metric tonne of sour cream. Fast forward 7 years and the enchiladas around my traps are a more delicious, much healthier version but still evoke a sense of nostalgia. 

Vegetarian black bean enchiladas

Filled with lots of fresh veg and protein filled black beans, these vegetarian black bean enchiladas are a great weeknight meal to feed the family, roomies or to gobble up all to yourself. If your pantry is stocked with some basics (spices, frozen peas and corn) the shopping list is fairly simple, consisting of 5 veggies, tortilla wraps, cheese, sour cream and tinned tomatoes.  Continue Reading

Pea and Spinach pesto pasta - Dancing Through Sunday

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July 22, 2015
spaghetti pangritata with a fried egg

Spaghetti pangritata with a fried egg

For a long time, I couldn't cook a simple pasta dish. I was hooked on trying to cram in as many veggies as possible into each meal. I was nutrient obsessed. This pasta changed everything. Recently, one of Jackson's friends gave me a squash from his garden - not just any squash mind you, it was freakin' huge. I decided to grate that bad boy up and make a summer lasagne! A how-to post on making wholemeal gnocchi at home. Those little potato dumplings have been tried, tested and perfected by yours truly for your own gnocchi eating pleasure!

November 22, 2014