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Vegetarian kofta balls with tomato sauce

June 4, 2017

How tasty are the Hare Krishna vegetarian kofta balls and that rich tomato sauce? If there’s koftas around, I cannot refuse their crunchy allure and swiftly purchase at least 6. I decided to have a crack at making some healthy homemade vegetarian koftas filled with fresh vegetables.  What I really wanted to nail was the sauce, that fresh, sweet yet sharp tomato sugo type sauce that the koftas are often slathered in.

Vegetarian kofta balls oven baked with tomato sauce - Dancing Through Sunday Recipe

Wait, what’s a kofta again?

Koftas are a savoury ball made with minced meat, paneer, or vegetables. Often deep or shallow fried, koftas have a delicious crunchy outer and soft, fluffy, warm spiced middle. Vegetarian kofta balls are often served with a spiced tomato curry sauce or napoli-style tomato sauce. Deelish. 

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Homemade Salt and Vinegar Potatoes
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Salt and Vinegar Potatoes

I have a penchant for eating carbs, mainly of the potato kind. Gnocchi, hot chips and salt and vinegar chips (or fries and crisps for those in other places) really are the holy trinity in my house. Add…

June 9, 2016
Vegetarian poutine recipe - Dancing Through Sunday
Appetizers Other Savoury

Vegetarian poutine & a reflection on blogging

Poutine, poutine the magical.. no wait that doesn't work. I must must share this vegetarian poutine recipe with you, it's sa good. I also have a really important question I am asking all of you so please, click through!Hello friends. This post is full of good things. It's full of homemade pesto, labneh, four hour slow roasted tomatoes melted into a farrotto (farro risotto) and a burning question - what is umami?

May 14, 2015
labneh life changing loaf recipe
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Homemade Labneh

Some wild things have been going on over here, like making Labneh - a Middle Eastern delight. Strained greek yoghurt marinated in olive oil, herbs and dukkah is the perfect summer party nibble.

December 31, 2014
creamy mushroom and polenta recipe
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Polenta two ways: Creamy and Crispy

I satasfied a sudden urge to cook using polenta so I am sharing 2 different recipes. Creamy polenta with herby mushrooms & oven baked crispy polenta fries with parmesan and a paprika dijonaise. Now it's your turn to choose…

November 5, 2014