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KITCHEN 101 – What to do with left over fresh herbs?

April 5, 2015

Welcome to kitchen 101 by Dancing Through Sunday. This series gives you everything you need to have a fully functioning grown up kitchen (or pretend to have one anyway, like I do..). I aim to delve into my kitchen and get back to basics, sharing what I have learnt on my delicious foodie loving journey. 


What to do with left over fresh herbs?

Herbs. They can add depth to the flavour of a meal, be the perfect garnish and add flavours you can’t find anywhere else. Dill anyone?! Can I get a hell-yes for dill?

Before I started growing my own herbs, I was spending around $10 a week on basil (and other fresh herbs). From the day I started incorporating them into my cooking, that was it. I loved them that much. Now-days, I can’t go without using herbs in my cooking (and as garnish).

I always found myself cooking recipes that required basil and although it’s an amazing herb, it doesn’t like to stick around.

how to dry rosemary

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