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Healthy-ish Raspberry Cheesecake slice

September 3, 2015

Skinny Raspberry Cheesecake Slice

I noticed I was slowly slipping into a bad habit. It seemed as soon as the clock struck 7.30pm, my mind would go ‘Ice cream.’ It all started that fateful day when Streets released the Golden Gaytime in a tub. Seriously though, what does one do when an Australian childhood favourite releases a new novel product? One purchases it as soon as possible. 

Simple Raspberry Cheesecake Silice | Dancing Through Sunday
On a side note, it was amaaazing. But it’s not something I want in my diet, or house, so Jackson and I strategically polished off the (only 1L) tub in a couple of days. We thought we were done with naughty treats after dinner, but boy oh boy.  I was wrong. My body was craving sugar and bad food after dinner, hard. It was only a matter of time until Sarah-Lee came into my life. 

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Coconut and Raspberry loaf - Dancing Through Sunday
Baking Sweet Breakfasts

Healthy coconut and raspberry loaf

It’s been a very long time since I have loaf-ed. During the first half of 2015 I went through a huge Life Changing Loaf phase which equated to at least two to three nutty seedy loaves being pulled from the oven…

June 23, 2015
Cinnamon scrolls espresso glaze-2
Baking Dessert

Cinnamon scrolls with an espresso glaze

One thing I definitely drink enough of is coffee. I am quite caffeine sensitive and  if I don’t carefully watch my coffee intake, I’ll be up all night like a mad(eye) person re-reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince for the…

April 14, 2015
nut and seed loaf recipe

Life changing loaf

Christmas was wonderful but I have a little extra roll on my belly I have affectionately named 'Verve'. This nut and seed loaf was exactly what I needed to get my breakfasts back on track, no more champagne and…

January 2, 2015
healthy gingerbread men recipe
Baking Christmas

Wholemeal gingerbread men

December is here, which means ho ho ho like it or not, the festive behemoth that is Christmas is almost upon us. I thought I'd get into the spirit early this year and whip up a batch of festive-ish…

December 1, 2014
easy and healthy Protien power ball recipe
Baking Dessert

Delicious Power Ball recipe

It's time to be honest.. I used to be the girl known to dive for the chocolate come 3pm on a work day. I have kicked that habit *fist pump* by replacing those mars bars with these power balls…

October 24, 2014