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7 delicious things happening in Melbourne for Good Food Month

If Melbourne had to be known for just one thing, I’d put my money on it’s food. Big call, I know (sorry MCG) but the city’s heart and soul can be felt in bustling lane-ways full of fantastic food. 

Estelle Bistro wall dining copy

Being a foodie in this city is difficult, as there’s literally too many options. Luckily, the folks at The Age have dedicated a whole month to celebrating good food, and shed some light on some delicious things happening around the city. 

Here’s 7 delicious things happening in Melbourne for Good Food Month that I’ve got my eye on. Click to find out. 

1. Sweetfest – November 28, 29

A two-day celebration of all things baked, fried, whipped and colourful. There are Masterclasses presentations hosted by the likes of Katherine Sabbath (Do yourself a favour and check out her Instagram – you must); American heroes of soft-serve, Big Gay Ice Cream (New York); dessert queen Philippa ‘Snickers Dessert’ Sibley; king of dessert-for-dinner degustations Pierre Roelofs (Melbourne) and the cocktail wizards from Melbourne’s internationally renowned Black Pearl. There will be boozy spiders (!) and goods ready to take home from Luxbite and Butterbing which is quickly becoming my new go to sweet treat. 

Katherine Sabbath - Image by Pyrex 100 Year Anniversary

Katherine Sabbath – Image Credit to Pyrex 100 Year Anniversary

2. Sally Boy – 19 November

A must-do for all Asian street-food enthusiasts, Sally Boy will be a heated flavour battle between the CBD’s iconic Gingerboy and Windsor favourite, Saigon Sally. I have dined at Saigon Sally and it was fantastic so I am intrigued to see the two restaurants present signature cocktails and their best dishes over four courses. Saigon Sally Executive Chef, Adrian Li will put his years of practice up against Gingerboy’s main man, Leigh Power. Guests will have a chance to meet each chef and will be then able to decide for themselves which of the two is Melbourne’s king of street food.

Sally Boy_Good Food MonthSaigon Sally - Chapel St - Dancing Through Sunday


3. Bagel Masterclass – Nov 30; 02:30pm – 04:45pm

I’m forever in debt to Seth Cohen for introducing me to the fabulous carbohydrate that is the bagel in 2004. Since then I have schmeared my way around Melbourne and you’d be hard pressed to find a better bagel than the 5 & Dime Bagels that feature on many cafe menus. In a hands on Masterclass hosted by 5 & Dime learn the way of the bagel from scratch, learn their history and how to create unique fillings, then try them fresh from the oven. 

4. Barbeque at Estelle Bistro – Fridays in November from 12pm

Estelle has long been on my to-eat list and I totally owe Jackson a delicious date out. He would truly enjoy to celebrate all that is barbecued, grilled and smoked over a two course lunch. Estelle is featuring dishes such as spring salad with smoked lamb brisket, and barbecued lamb rump with smoked pomme puree and asparagus. Hello Spring!!

Estelle Bistro wall dining copy

5. The Future of Food –  October 30; 6pm–8pm

This sounds fascinating. Are chefs too scared to do amazing things because they think they have to arrive fully formed? What’s the future for restaurants, editors and critics? Does it matter? Join Chris Ying, Editor-inChief of Lucky Peach, Pulitzer prize-winning LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold and Attica chef Ben Shewry (!) as they hash this out, with Good Food Creative Director Gemima Cody moderating.

6. Italian Food Feud – 25 November 

A choice no one should make – Pizza or Pasta? Italian restaurateur Remo Nicolini of A25 and lauded chef Joseph Vargetto of Mister Bianco will battle it out at A25 Pizzeria in South Yarra, umpired by the great Scott – Raymond Capaldi. The Italian Food Feud will see the chefs go head to head in a pizza vs. pasta battle, with a four-course feast to decide which Italian specialty reigns. The Pizza at A25 was outstanding (and sexy) so it’ll be a tough call. 

A25 Pizzarea - Dancing Through Sunday-2
A5_Joe and Remo

  7. Craft of Lousiana – Nov 3, 5, 12, 19, 26, 29; 06:30pm – 09:00pm

Po’Boy Quarter is dangerously close to my house and I have to use all my self control not to dine there every night. Turning what’s usually street food into a five-course dinner showcasing Louisiana cuisine, Craft of Lousiana would be one tasty evening. Taste oysters with bloody Mary sorbet, grass-fed Angus brisket, skillet-baked cornbread with Cajun shrimp remoulade, gumbo and a corpse reviver lemon pie with absinthe jelly.
For the full guide on Good Food Month, click here.

What special events for Good Food Month do you have your eye on?



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