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Top 10 recipes of 2014

It’s always fun to go back over the past year and see what was hot (and what was not) so before we embark on another year of tasty, here’s the top 10 recipes from Dancing Through Sunday in 2014 as chosen by.. well.. YOU!

1. Laksa w/ Chinese Broccoli
Numero uno surprised me but hey, looking back now it was ahhmazing! I forgot about this recipe – Oops.. sorry Laksa.

vegetarian laska recipe

2. Roast Cauliflower Farro Salad
A simple, tasty and wholesome salad which is great as a side or el solo. 

roast cauliflower and farro salad 
3. Avocado Pancake stack w/ a fried egg, parmesan, rocket, sour cream and herbs. 
Need I explain why this recipe was the 3rd most popular this year? I didn’t think so… In all her gluten free glory, behold the avocado pancake. 

gluten free savoury pancake recipe

4. Oven baked potato fries with herby salt + chipotle 
These suckers are easy and frequent the DTS kitchen. Reader beware.. you’ll want them every day. Now for the most important question of the year – Skin on or skin off? 

oven baked potato chip recipe

5. Baked eggs with beans + mozzarella plus pesto sourdough soldiers
I dare you to say that three times. We eat some form of baked eggs almost weekly. If this flavour combo isn’t your jam, try the spicy shakshuka version. 

vegetarian baked eggs recipe

6. Vegetarian Chili
For the adventurer in all of us, this veggie chili recipe packs some heat and is so easy to make in the kitchen you’d be a fool not too! Save this one for the first chilly night of winter and thank me later. 

vegetarian chili recipe

7. Peanut butter and oreo pretzel slice
Need I say more? This recipe was a huge hit and I honestly had people talking to me about it for weeks. I don’t blame them! Peanut butter, salted dark chocolate, oreos and pretzels all in one slice you can’t go wrong. 

pretzel slice recipe

8. Two Ingredient Pizza Base
With a homemade pizza dough so simple, I knew this recipe would be in the top 10. Two ingredients, no knead and no rest time – this dough recipe is one of my favourite skills I mastered in 2014. 

easy vegetarian pizza dough recipe

9. Polenta two ways – crispy and creamy

Creamy polenta with herby mushrooms + cripsy polenta fries w/ paprika dijonaise. This 2-in-1 post was a hit and I can understand why! Polenta can be tricky to perfect but I believe my recipes were pretty darn close! Feeling adventurous? Give it a go!

creamed polenta recipe vegetarian

10. Rainbow Veggie Bowl  
A huge nourishing bowl featuring stewed tomatoes, sauteed greens, half an avocado, wild rice and hommus plus more came in at number ten. 

winter vegetarian rainbow bowl recipe

 There you go! Thanks for playing along this year and I wil be back soon with some more recipes featuring a simple homemade labne, some giveaway plus more. I’m off to lounge around on the couch and read my new book for a few days 😉 

Bec xo


  • Reply Catherine Short January 14, 2015 at 2:14 am

    The cauliflower salad looks delicious – I’ll just have to sub farro out for something GF!

    • Reply Bec January 14, 2015 at 12:02 pm

      Oooo yes – the roasted cauliflower is the star of this dish. I also added grilled haloumi which was delish

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