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    Saigon Sally in Windsor

    August 30, 2015

    I’m broadening my horizons and going to places that aren’t in Fitzroy or Collingwood! YAY. Let’s get started.

    I was invited to a media dinner at Saigon Sally Windsor, and it was one of the best nights out I’d had in a long time. We were greeted with the You Got Girlfriend Cocktail – Tanqueray Gin, Junmai Sake, Lime, Cucumber, Mint and Jasmin tea and honestly, it only lasted 2 minutes. I wanted more!

    Saigon Sally - Chapel St - Dancing Through Sunday
    The Vietnamese fusion menu was fantastic and head chef Adrian Li (ex-Donovan’s), alongside bartender Tom Stonnill (ex-Transit cocktail lounge) were hitting goals all night on the food and drink front.

    We started with the seared scallops in a green curry sauce, followed by coconut and turmeric pork and prawn handmade spring rolls (just prawn for me thanks). The chef’s were fabulous and provided myself with a Pescatarian menu whilst everyone else had some delicious looking chicken and beef dishes. 

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