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    Bits & bobs, egg in bread and a birthday!

    April 16, 2015

    Aaaaaaaaand breathe. I have been super busy as per damn usual, which I seem to quite enjoy. Apart from those few The Last Man on Earth episodes I managed to squeeze in last week, thank goodness for Will Forte. If you haven’t seen it, give it a go it’s laugh out loud funny. Although I have been keeping myself very busy, I have still been dreaming of Europe That place needs to get outtamybrain! 

    If it’s not a log cabin in the snowy French/Swiss alps, it’s a houseboat in Amsterdam or staying in an old ski jump overlooking Olso, Norway. For now, I will have to settle on watching French films and reading A Year in Provence and vicariously living through a book whilst drinking French press coffee.

    Speaking of French press coffee, this infographic  explains how to achieve the perfect French press. I need to up my game. 

    hallstatt Austria blog post
    For now, it’s Melbourne living and cooking eggs inside bread, which isn’t too bad*.  My second favourite thing about the below dish, not including the actual taste is the many names it has picked up. So far, I have been advised it’s called:

    • Egg In Bread
    • Frog in a hole
    • Egg in the basket
    • Gashouse eggs
    • A hole in one
    • Bulls eye

    If there’s one thing you do today, it just must be letting me know in the comments below if you use another name for this delicious, wonderful invention. I have a list and I will continue to add to it until I’ve discovered every cute nickname under the egg in bread sun. 

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    *I’d still cook eggs inside bread if I lived on the other side of the world

    My wonderful beautiful friend Tilly is having a baby which is such an exciting time for all involved. I can’t wait to meet the newest addition to our little group of love. Her baby shower was fantastic with a lovely spread of Turkish dips, pita bread, fruits, cheeses, carrot cake and sprinkle cupcakes. Continue Reading

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