Vanilla and tahini cupcakes & transporting them safely!

    May 21, 2015

    This post is in collaboration with Packqueen. All opinions are my own. 

    Hihihihi! Today we’re discussing delicious cupcakes, proud cupcake delivering moments and a baking fail (have you ever had one of those?! Ah!)

    I have made a conscious effort to improve my baking skills and I have finally made something I am sooperdooper proud of, woo! I have never been much of an amazing baker but I followed a fantastic recipe and my faith has been restored. They don’t look like they were baked by a 7 year old, they tasted wonderful and there were no disasters. In my mind, that’s the epitome of baking success. 

    vanilla tahini cupcakes

    Why the baking trauma, you may ask? Let me tell you a story, we’ll call it the mars bar cupcake incident of 2011.

    One sunny day, a long time ago there once was a girl who lived in Melbourne. She was feeling very generous and decided to bake a tonne of Mars bar cupcakes and take them into her place of work. The aim was to create such a delicious cupcake her colleagues couldn’t refuse and sell them all, to raise money for Movember.

    vanilla tahini cupcakes

    She melted mars bars and butter into a gooey icing (basically a sin) and dipped fluffy vanilla cupcakes in the icing mix. A few may have been eaten.. the rest went into the fridge overnight. When it came time to transport the cupcakes to work, she only had a large plastic container so the girl piled them up, layer upon layer and jumped onto a carriage tram.  Continue Reading

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